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Nicole is a professional, warm and experienced in so many environments, that she can share her learnings with ease.

- Georgina, Compliance Officer

Nicole is an excellent presenter, very good at unpacking theory which underpins the topic and relating it to real life situations.

- Dilair, Project Manager



I have the highest respect for Nicole's skills as a professional mediator.  Nicole's calm and intuitive assistance with the difficult process for me of acceptance was invaluable.  I felt that I was understood, supported and being guided through this lifechanging transition with security and knowledge.

Nicole's systematic approach kept us on track and avoided the emotionally charged situation I was in. I came to realise that going through the steps of the process was critical for the ultimate success.  With a clear mind and understanding of my objectives, Nicole got almost 95% of what I asked for as a redundancy package. A great result.

-Caroline, Marketing Manager, Brand & Customer Acquisition

What our clients say

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