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Some conflicts escalate to a point where the parties are unable to come to a resolution alone. The assistance of a third party can help the parties to come to a resolution that makes the most of a bad situation.


Nicole Davidson Negotiation assists with a wide variety of disputes including commercial disputes and workplace disputes.  We tailored our approach to the circumstances of each individual matter, varying from formal to more informal styles.

Some case studies

  • I worked with two shareholders who had been unable to agree on the exit terms of one of the shareholders.  Valuation estimates were $500,000 apart.  The shareholders had reached the point where having a civilised conversation was difficult.  In two-half day sessions, we were able to work through the key issues and a heads of agreement was reached for a settlement.

  • Two senior executives had poor working relationship which was impacting on the overall executive team and on business results.  I was brought in by the CEO to assist.  In mediation, we were able to identify past issues which were driving the poor relationship. Several destructive misunderstandings were clarified. The executives left the mediation with a better understanding of each other's perspective and a plan for how to deal with future issues more constructively.

  • In another shareholder dispute, the key issue was the valuation and ownership of a significant quantity of video footage. Both shareholders wanted ownership of the video and this was proving a sticking point in the business dissolution. In ½ day mediation, we were able to explore the issues around the footage and come up with a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

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