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How to Achieve a Better Outcome in The Law Institute Journal, December 2021.

Key considerations that will give you the best chance of success in a mediation.

Top tips to help HR managers to manage return to the office conflicts in Inside Small Business, December 2021.

Helping navigate the return to work post-Covid.


The Power of Tim Tams in The ARA Retailer (Australian Retailers Association), February 2016.

A case study of the negotiations between Coles and Cambells Arnotts and the impact of alternatives in negotiation.

Top tips for negotiating business rent reductions in Inside Small Business, September 2021.

Helping landlords and tenant negotiate under the Commercial Tenancies Relief Scheme,


When might a mediator be better than a lawyer? in Inside Small Business, December 2021.

Litigation is a common way to resolve business disputes but it's not the only way.  There are ways that can be quicker, cheaper and a whole lot less stressful.