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Nicole helps people deliver better results and minimise conflict.  Through preventative training she equips people with the skills to negotiate better deals and deal with conflict early.  This enhances communication and builds collaboration to avoid disputes.

Nicole's training programs combine leading educational techniques with business acumen to deliver programs which are relevant and practical and deliver lasting value and better outcomes.

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  • Negotiation

  • Effective Influencing

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Avoiding and Managing Conflict

  • Delivering and Receiving Feedback

  • Delegating for Optimal Results

Please download our brochure for a further details of Nicole's standard courses.

She tailors her programs to your specific needs and can deliver training face-to-face or virtually.  She caters to groups of all sizes and backgrounds.  Specific topics covered include:

Nicole's approach to training

For best results, the training process takes place before, during and after the group session. 


Nicole uses a range of tools to build engagement in the session and ensure the highest degree of learning transfer. 


This delivers the best outcomes for the learners and their employers.

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