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Negotiation Essentials


1 Day or 2 half days

Negotiation Essentials


Your success in the workplace is highly impacted by your ability to negotiate. Whether it negotiating a high-stakes deal on behalf of your employer or client, negotiating to get essential resources for your project or team or negotiating your next promotion or pay-rise, your ability to negotiate is critical.

Success as a negotiator depends on what you do both before and during the negotiation. This program focusses on understanding negotiation dynamics and how to use these to effectively prepare for the negotiation. It introduces strategies for use during the negotiation.


Understanding the Harvard-based 7 Elements model of negotiation

  • Using the 7 Elements model to prepare strategically for a negotiation

  • Exploring how to manage difficult moments in the negotiation

  • Practicing the skills using hypothetical and real life scenarios

Key Outcomes

This program will:

  • improve your results in both formal and informal negotiations

  • build confidence in your bargaining power and abilities

  • create value and “enlarge the pie” to produce win-win outcomes

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