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Introduction to Negotiation


3 - 4 hours

Introduction to Negotiation


Your success in the workplace is highly impacted by your ability to negotiate. Whether it negotiating a high-stakes deal on behalf of your employer or client, negotiating to get essential resources for your project or team or negotiating your next promotion or pay-rise, your ability to negotiate is critical.

Success as a negotiator depends on what you do both before and during the negotiation. Using a practical case study, participants learn negotiation dynamics in a way which helps them to understand their current negotiation approach and identify key areas for improvement.


  • Participating in a hypothetical negotiation

  • Investigating the Harvard-based 7 Elements model of negotiation through the case study

  • Reviewing your own negotiation strengths and identifying areas for improvement

Key Outcomes

This program will:

  • build structure into your negotiations to achieve better outcomes

  • provide you with an action plan for further improvement

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