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Influencing without power


Up to 2 days

Influencing without power


Delivering on outcomes often requires the co-operation of others over whom we have no direct power. How do we get colleagues, members of other teams, suppliers, customers and regulators to take the actions we need to deliver on our outcomes?


Three pre-conditions to affect change

  • Levels of influence

  • Two influencing approaches

  • Using benefits to influence

  • Using reasons to influence

  • Using power to influence

  • Understanding stakeholders to create an influencing strategy

  • Building relationships of influence

  • Framing your approach to increase engagement

Key Outcomes

This program will:

  • increase your confidence to enter into influencing conversations

  • help you to choose the right to influencing approach for any given situation

  • enable you to plan strategically before beginning the influencing conversation

  • improve collaboration to get stakeholders on board with outcomes

  • manage challenges that arise during the influencing conversation

  • build a long term influencing strategy and enhance your reputation

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