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Effective Performance Feedback


Up to 1 day

Effective Performance Feedback


Regular feedback is one of the most powerful tools in improving the performance of employees. However, feedback is psychologically stressful to both give, and hear.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 55% of employees said their most recent performance review had been unfair or inaccurate, and one in four said they dread such evaluations more than anything else in their working lives. When senior HR executives were asked about their biggest performance management challenge, 63% cited managers’ inability or unwillingness to have difficult feedback discussions.


Understanding why feedback is both important and difficult to give

  • What are the different kinds of feedback?

  • A structure to prepare for a feedback conversation

  • A process for managing a feedback conversation in a non-threatening way

Key Outcomes

This program will:

  • build your confidence to have performance feedback conversations

  • deliver feedback that results in performance improvement

  • prevent feedback conversations from becoming difficult

  • maximise the performance and engagement of your team members

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