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Difficult Conversations


Up to 1 day

Difficult Conversations


In business, there are at times conversations we need to have that we would rather avoid. Sometimes, these can be conversations that we have to initiate. At other times, we find ourselves in the midst of a conversation that unexpectedly becomes difficult.

Managing our own emotional response, and that of our counterpart, is critical directing the conversation through the challenges and arriving at a constructive response.


  • Understanding the two dimensions of conflict

  • Using the ladder of inference as a tool for exploring perspectives

  • A structure for planning and managing a conflict conversation

  • Three approaches to resolving conflict

  • A tool for resolving conflict collaboratively

Key Outcomes

This program will:

  • increase your confidence to enter into or respond to difficult conversations

  • enable you to manage your own emotional state

  • allow you to diffuse strong emotions of your counterpart

  • know when it is the right time to park the conversation

  • turn conversations from conflict to collaborative, value-enhancing outcomes

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