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Dealing with Difficult People


4 hours

Dealing with Difficult People


We all have to negotiate with difficult people at times. They might be stubborn, arrogant, hostile, greedy or dishonest. Even ordinarily reasonable people can turn into opponents: your boss can be collaborative and understanding most of the time but make unreasonable demands on a Friday afternoon. Your colleague can generally be delightful but become a blocker on a particular project.

Dealing with difficult people can be challenging, and doing it effectively requires special skills.


  • Understanding different personality types

  • Strategies for responding to different personality types

  • An equation for maintaining your cool

  • A structure for an assertive response which maintains the relationship

Key Outcomes

This program will:

  • Build your confidence to maintain your composure in an interaction with a difficult person

  • Provide constructive responses for dealing with difficult people including:

    • the client who demands to escalate to the partner rather than dealing with you

    • the manager who drops a pile of work on you when you are already swamped

    • the colleague that you just don’t like

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