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APNA Offer

We are delighted to offer the members of APNA a 5% discount for our Negotiation GP services.

To access your special rate, please use the code APNA-GP5

What is the Negotiation GP Service?

For those times when you have done everything you can think of, but have been
unable to achieve the result you want, Nicole will work with you to diagnose what is happening - providing a strategic review of the situation and a  prescription for next steps.



What kind of disputes do you help with?

Nicole can assist with all business negotiations - from disputes to contract
negotiations to uncomfortable conversations. If you're losing sleep over it,
it's time to chat.

How do consultations work?

Consultations are run online or by phone. You will be asked to provide some brief information prior to the session to assist Nicole in preparing.

How do I book a consultation?

Consultations are booked directly from our website. They can be booked anywhere from 4 hours to 2 weeks ahead of the session.

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